Bisserov Sisters


The Bisserov sisters formation –  Mitra, Lyubimka, Vera, Rositsa and Rosen.

Lyubimka and Mitra were born in village of Pirin, Southwest Bulgaria, and Vera and Rossi (daughters of Mitra) were born in Sofia.

From early childhood singers performed local style of singing on the native podiums, celebratings. The singing style and music abilities are inherit from mothers to daughters.

Lyubimka and Mitra have improved their singing technique, being leading singers more than 15 years at The National Folk Ensemble “Philip Kutev”, Rossen have been a drummer there.

Vera and Rossi have studied  Folks Arts at the New Bulgarian University Sofia and learned much from Mitra and Lyubimka too.

Given their musical heritage, it was the natural turn of events for the Bisserov sisters to develop their musical and artistic abilities. Ever since early childhood, the sisters have been performing live. The inherited vocal skills have been further developed in a family environment. And when the instrumentalists Vera, Rossi and Rossen were eight years old, they began learning musical instruments at specialised music schools.

The Bisserov Sisters’ repertoire includes the most typical features of the music-folk dialect of the Pirin region: the combination of sound characteristic of primitive singing, rich, flexible and diverse metro rhythm, expressive performance. Bisserov Sisters’ songs have various themes, inspired by significant life events such as a wedding, springtime, folktales, work songs, songs about family life, love, religion, hajduks, singing at table – non-measured or strictly rhythmic, primitive with rich ornamentation, using loud and resonant voice that is raising at unspecified locations.

Pirin’s unique diphthong songs are skillfully performed by each of the sisters – initially by Lyubimka, Mitra, Vera and Rositsa.

The ability of each of the sisters to sing lead brings diversity in the sound of various songs.

Mitra, Vera and Rositsa are playing the tambura – a local  Bulgarian string instrument originating from South-West Bulgaria.

Lyubimka and Rosen (her’s son) are playing the drums – tapan and tarambuka .

It’s been 20 years since the formation is working together and during that period of time they have produced a lot of CD’s.

All the sisters sing together while using polyphonic singing. The songs in their repertoire are traditional but they have underwent an additional arrangement in order to be simultaneously sung by more voices.

Their numerous local appearances as a vocal-instrumental formation resulted in invitations to perform at international events. In 1994 Bisserov Sisters represented Bulgaria in Copenhagen (Denmark) – the European Capital of Culture in that year. The performance was followed by tours in Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Italy, UK, Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA …

The Bisserov’s produced more than 350 songs and recorded LPs, cassettes, CDs as well as records for  the ”Golden Fund“ of The National Bulgarian Radio and Television – that are to be preserved for the future generations.

Lyubimka and Mitra won a competition held by The National Radio. The jury had to choose the best voices and give them the opportunity to make recordings with the radio orchestra. The jury liked Lyubimka and Mitra a lot and they started recording. Later their sister Neda was also invited and thus the trio was founded.

Lyubimka and Mitra were handpicked by Filip Koutev himself and he invited them to become members and lead singers of the “Filip Koutev State Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance”.  

They have been its leading voices for 15 years, singing duet along the orchestra of the Ensamble and at the same time accompanying on their singing themselves – Mitra playing the tambura, Lyubimka playing the tarambuka – drum.

During their work at the “State Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance” choir,  “Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Volume Two” album was recorded, which won a Grammy Award in 1989.

At the same time as Liubimka and Mitra worked actively with Neda, they also started to incorporate the next family  generation into the formation.

The sisters have been working with Trio Balgarka and have been on a concert tour together in the U.K.

They recorded a polyphonic singing CD together with Nadka Karadjova, one of the most noted folk singers in Bulgaria. It was produced by JVC. They have been on a concert tour in Japan together.

The song “Neda voda nalivala” was accompanied by Japanese symphony orchestra  NHK on stage with more than 3000 people audience.

Participated in a famous CD “Global divas”.

The famous Bulgaria song “Oi ti pile” – The Bisserov Sisters performed with The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra .

Participated in compositions for movies, television and collaboration songs such as  ” Niama kak”  with famous  Bulgarian rock group FSB and song ”Posveshtenie” together with Stenly – famous Bulgarian pop singer.

Collected old folk songs, learned new songs from various composers and Mitra made new arrangements and composed new songs.

The Bisserov sisters is featured in the music textbook  for Bulgarian 12 year old children to learn  about  the Pirin style of singing.

Awarded with the “Golden Lyre” by  “The Union of Bulgarian Professional musicians and composers”.

The group performs authentic wedding scene and other rituals, that impresses entertains the audience. Imagine the impact of live original sonority, preserved over the centuries until today, served by the Bisserov sisters specially for you!

Along with concert performances, Bisserov’s  are giving workshops about sound-vocal technique, playing tambura, tarambuka and traditional Bulgarian dance steps.

Do not hesitate to call and invite The Bisserov Sisters formation to perform at your festival or other festive celebrations.

The Bisserov Family - young generation. Vera, Rosen, Mitra, Rositsa

The group is four members. Leading singers of  The Bisserovs young generation are Vera and Rositsa. They began to learn playing on tambura since they were children and later graduate at New Bulgarian University of Folk arts in Sofia. Rosen is a drummer, and also singing, and together with Mitra were members of the Bulgaria National State Folk Ensemble. Mitra is composer and manager of the group, singing and playing with the group too. The young  generation Bisserovs have performed 20 years together in large group and individual concerts.